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Kovar Capital is a boutique wealth management firm nestled in the heart of beautiful downtown Lufkin, Texas. As fee-based, fiduciary professionals we most often serve in the role of financial life managers for successful business owners, healthcare specialists, c-suite executives, and other public figures such as politicians and professional athletes. In this capacity our team monitors, manages, and implements strategic plans for our client’s vast array of assets, regardless of their type or location. With a strong focus on providing truly holistic advice, our team is committed to serving your family and business with an exclusive wealth management experience.

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Each of our distinct focus areas are designed to meet the diverse needs of the people we serve. Our ultimate goal is to deliver specialized support to each member of our many client groups, so that they have the knowledge and freedom they need to live a great life.


A person’s well-being depends on more than just physical health. Commitments to family, patients, and practice can leave little time to focus on long-term financial security.




As a professional athlete, your time, energy, and focus revolves around the court or field. At Kovar Capital, we've developed a system that manages everything else for you.



As an entrepreneur, your business requires an inordinate amount of your time and energy. At KovarCapital we help business owners achieve and maintain financial independence and balance in their lifes.



As a successful attorney, your time is one of your most valuable assets. Every day, you balance your professional obligations to your clients with your commitments to your family, friends and personal interests.



We understand that a woman’s wealth management needs are as unique as she is. In response to that, we created KC WOMEN, our innovative solution to helping women like you build and grow their wealth.



“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…” Proverbs 13:22

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Lessons On Wealth

True wealth is not about money. It is about freedom. Freedom from worry, stress, and anxiety about money, finances, your job, and your life. Wealth is the ability to choose your own path, instead of being forced into a role defined by others. It is the state of being able to respond to your life’s true purpose without being captive to the demands of debt.
Lessons on Wealth was created as a guide to assist our clients in teaching their children and grandchildren about the basics of how to acquire financial freedom. It is the first in a series of future projects dealing with all aspects of personal finance. I have written it in a way that is easy to understand and short enough that no matter what your time constraints are, you can easily finish it within a day.
You can purchase the book on Amazon for $15 by clicking here but if you order from us not only will you save $5 but you’ll also receive the PDF version for FREE which you can then download to your iPad/Kindle/etc.
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