Over 70% of NFL players go bankrupt or face extreme hardship within the first two years of retirement.

Your Life Goes Beyond Your Career

Professional athletes face immense responsibility. Aside from the physical demands inherent in competitive sports, athletes face financial management responsibilities the likes of which most people will never encounter. Whereas many professionals don’t finish grad school until their late 20s, the majority of athletes will have already earned over half of their life’s wages by that point. It’s an incredible weight to bear, and it’s why professional athletes need to focus on their finances early.

When sports stars show the same discipline with their finances that they exhibit on the playing field, the sky’s the limit for the success that can be achieved. With our guidance, we can help you avoid the common pitfalls of early wealth management while ensuring you’re able to grow your money and continue living comfortably.


On average, professional MLB, NBA and NFL players owe around $1 million in federal taxes each year.

Take the Right Steps

When you’re a professional athlete, goals are important: Win a championship. Earn an MVP.
Save for retirement.
Just as you’ve set goals for your career, we’ll help you set goals for the future. By establishing your savings and investments early, you can keep enjoying life now while establishing financial security down the road.


Between 60-80% of pro athletes go through a divorce and have to deal with the financial fallout.

Let’s Make a Game Plan

At Kovar Capital, we don’t have some template or algorithm that we use for athletes. Every situation is different, and it is our goal to make sure you are happy with your portfolio. We’ll find the best stocks, real estate, commodities and other assets that will allow you to focus on the game while your money keeps on working. If you’re interested in your own business ventures, we can help make that happen as well.

Wealth is meaningless when it’s fleeting. We want you to feel wealthy for the rest of your days, and we have the tools and experience to get you there.

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